SEO – Are You Frustrated Because Google Seems To Pass You By?

Are you finding it frustrating to get ranked in the search engines? Are you trying to find out how to drive more traffic to your website? You have a website, with lots of content, but no one is visiting.  Your site could be lost down the many results pages for important search keywords and phrases relevant to your business’ services and products.

Are there technical issues with your website perhaps? Maybe you need a Website SEO Audit completed. You’d be amazed at what we find sometimes during one of those audits and can pinpoint some reasons why your site is not even indexed. Are you getting frustrated seeing your competition take away all the traffic that you could be getting?  Maybe you’ve got a hefty Adwords account that keeps generating a huge expense but  clicks you’re paying for that aren’t converting into sales.  You think you need Adwords because you’re just not getting the rankings. And here’s one of the problems too: A recent report that crossed our desk indicated that web savvy searchers are skipping over the ads and going right into the search results.

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SEO Companies – Are You Frustrated Because …

… they promised you page one rankings, and sure – you’re ranked for some obscure term that no one searches on? Ah, there is a lot of that going around these days! We get the spam messages ourselves, “You’re not ranked for grand prairie saltwater fly fishing or some such thing but we can get you on page 1 of Google!” As if anyone is actually going to be searching for saltwater fly fishing in grande prairie in the first place, and your site has very little to do with it.

No, you want to be found on searches that real people actually search on. We understand that. And yes, we also understand you don’t want to be banned by Google because some company promised you page 1 search engine rankings, got them for you, and then you later discovered the company you hired had used what are called in the business, “blackhat” techniques.  We won’t do that.

If this is you, again – give us a call or send an email. We’ll talk. We’ll talk about what we can do to help you.

A Little About Our SEO

We’ve been doing it since 1997! Not only for local clients here in Orangeville, but we’ve been providing search engine optimization (SEO) to clients throughout North America. Why have we been so successful at this? A few reasons:

  • 1. We study SEO techniques on a regular basis, closely observing changes and using some of our own sites as our “experiments” to discover what works and what does not, before we apply techniques to our clients’ websites.
  • 2. We don’t engage in blackhat SEO techniques – while some so-called SEO “experts” will promise you great rankings on a variety of search engines, many of their methods are questionable at best. We’ve seen some of our clients come to us after they’ve used another firm who ended up getting them de-listed from Google.
  • 3. Our multi-years of experience is beneficial to our clients.  We love doing this stuff! We love seeing our work paying off for our clients and enjoy hearing our clients talk about how well they are now doing. Because we love doing it so much, we tend to over-deliver.
  • 4. Our methods are holistic in that we use a variety of methods – not just one, to ensure that our efforts actually work over the long haul. If you’ve only done one kind of SEO optimization, you’re at risk of losing your rankings if that one method happens to become less important due to an algorythm change that Google makes.

These are just some of the reasons why our SEO services work. Take a look at some of our case studies which show just a few of our past successes.

Although we are located in Orangeville, ON, we have worked with clients from all over Ontario including Toronto, Richmond Hill, Guelph, Brampton and Ottawa. Going further, we’ve worked with clients throughout the rest of Canada as well as United States in a variety of States and cities.

If you’re looking to increase your own search engine rankings for your website, or need some help with some other aspect of Internet Marketing, give us a call at (519) 940-3504 (Toll Free at 1-877-966-3436).  Alternatively, you could also send us an email at

Anyone who makes guarantees to you about being “#1 in Google” or promises you the moon will likely end up delivering a load of mushrooms to you.  We’ll take a good look at your present website, do some keyword research (there’s no point in having great rankings for search terms that no one searches on!), and let you know what we think we can do for you.

Search engine optimization is a process – something that needs to be maintained and managed over the long term as well.  We’ve been doing it since 1997, and it’s one of our favorite things to do!



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